3D Apple Shape Silicone Molds

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> Parameters :
1. Non-stick with slick upper for easy removal of food and little cleaning
2. Pliable for pushing out pastry product or peeling sheet off frozen food product
3. Suited for sweet and spicy foods
4. Safe in convection ovens, static ovens and microwaves
5. Resistant to cold (-40C / -40F) and heat (280C / 536F)
6. Size:
red: 30cm x 17.5cm
white: 2.91cm x 17.1cm
> Features :
can withstand temperature range: -40~200 degrees celsius.
It can use in oven, microwave ovens, dishwashers and refrigerators
it’s tasteless, non-toxic, anti-dust, durable, no penetration, easy to clean,It’s easy to handle
Package included:
1pc x Apple Shape Silicone Molds

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10 reviews for 3D Apple Shape Silicone Molds

  1. Roderick Roth

    Very good quality

  2. Mahi Reid

    Everything is fine

  3. Joseph Garreau

    1. the parcel came damaged,
    2. the price is on package 2.70, and i gave 7.99 for it
    3. the order made on march 12, the parcel received on april 10,
    4. 4. silicone for 8 forms, according to the description all as mentioned! I did not communicate with the seller.

  4. Lisabeth Brennen


  5. Lakisha Mullenix

    Cool, very quickly came form. Made qualitatively, there is no zvpakha. I have not tried it yet, it is a little soft. I hope it works out. Later as i try to write

  6. Gayla Tincher

    Great mold. Good quality silicone. The cake is just a bomb turned out with these apples. I recommend. Thank you.

  7. Alfredo Lamanna

    All perfect!

  8. Gérald Noir

    The form came quickly, in an ordinary postal soft package, folded. Because of this, some cells were very wrinkled and after a couple of weeks, did not straighten out. Creases are deep, since the silicone is sooo thin! 4 of 8 apples will be with dents ((((sorry, bought a form for 535 rubles.

  9. Prudence Rodden


  10. Maximilien Chopin


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