Anti-Gravity Cake Pouring Hanging Kit


Bake your desired cake and leave to cool.
Choose the hole where you wish to have your waterfall hitting the cake and screw rod 1 into place with the nut.
Place the blanking caps in the four remaining holes to make a solid base.
Take your cooled cake and carefully place the cake on to the board by pushing it over the rod.
At this point you can either attach the angled rod or the rod 2 depending on the effect you want.Lastly add the piece you haven’t used yet to complete the structure.
To decorate,melt some chocolate and allow to cool but not to a solid state.When the chocolate has cooled,layer it onto the structure you have built so that it is completely covered.As you layer the chocolate it will beging to set.You can then either leave it as it is or add your preferred sweets to decorate.
To cover the tip of the structure you can either cover with a sweet packet or build a piece from icing to add on top.
For ideas on different ways to use the cake pouring kit.
Wash in hot soapy water before use and dry thoroughly.
Dishwahser safe.
Size:Cake Board 25cm Dia

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