Multifunctinal Silicone Cup Mold

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Size:22*9.2*4.7 cm
Net Weight:0.09 kg
Scope of application:making containers such as ice cups and cups
Temperature range: -40 ° C – 230 ° C

Package Included: 1 pc Clay Molds

1. Easy to demould. Durable and easy to use.
2. The mold can be used as a cement, gypsum, concrete, gypsum, soap, polyester resin molding tool.
3. If you want to make a flower pot, use cement or concrete. If you make a bench pen process, cement, clay, plaster, and resin can be used.
4.Make creative cocktail shots and specialty desserts with this silicone frozen shot glass mold tray
5.Constructed from food grade silicone, this ice tray will leave your ice molds odorless and free from contaminants.
6.No more broken ice cubes from stiff plastic ice trays — this trays’ flexible silicone rubber design pops out whole ice cubes with ease.
7.Aside from being able to make frozen shot glasses and gelatin desserts, this ice tray can also be used as molds for popsicles, fruit slushies and other frozen treats..
8.The silicone construction means that this ice tray is sturdy, durable, and reliable for multiple uses.

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10 reviews for Multifunctinal Silicone Cup Mold

  1. Graham Rankin

    good, but thin

  2. Vladimiro De Angelo

    they are really small.. more like shot glass sized.. but it’s easy n cute none the less

  3. Joseph Garreau

    Make Mother Pim cake come why ???

  4. Patty Balser

    Silicone is very thin. came the order for meats .. There was a marriage. the seller returned the money. thanks to the seller for understanding

  5. Starr Lheureux

    Not suitable for a tealight

  6. Lorean Soni

    Nice, thanks!

  7. Kemberly Roza


  8. Della Drew

    Excellent product but was delivered after 3.5 months.

  9. Maariya Kramer


  10. Alpha Um

    Good quality

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